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Supercloud 22 – Securing the “supercloud” - Speaker panel with theCUBE hosts, CEO of Skyhigh Security, CEO of Accurics and the former Head of Product at VMware

Episode Summary

The proliferation of containerized workloads, APIs, VMs and databases distributed across clouds presents a formidable security challenge. In this episode, originally recorded during the August 2022 Supercloud event, theCUBE hosts Dave Vellante & John Furrier moderate a panel comprised of J Gee Rittenhouse, CEO of Skyhigh Security, Piyush Sharrma, CEO of Accurics and Tony Kueh, Investor and former Head of Product at VMware. During the panel conversation, they explore how the cloud has become the first line of defense for CISOs, but how will that defense shield maintain consistency across clouds? Moreover, DevSecOps has become a key pivot point to connect strategy with execution. With changing organizational roles and a growing attack surface, how do you ensure a strong, consistent security posture across multiple private, public, hybrid and edge clouds?

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